Is it an announcement about Nintendo game machine? CD compatible compatibility PolyMega announces new hardware information unveiling

Playmate revealed new information Poly mega corresponding to CD media retro game consoles such as PlayStation and Sega Saturn, and announced at 2 am November 25th.

Polymega Retro Console: New Info And Pre-Orders Live - #CUPodcast

This announcement will be announced about hardware and plans to announce the news about Nintendo mainly in Nintendo Life. Nintendo's news site seems to be about past Nintendo hardware.

Nintendo game machine currently supported by Polymer is NEW (abroad FC), SNES (overseas SFC), and three models of super fervent. You will be able to play by purchasing additional modules. Also, family computer software can also be used in the method of using a conversion adapter.

If a corresponding module is added next, it is likely to be a Nintendo 64 and a family computer disk system that has not yet supported.