How Call of Duty Mobile has become better thanks to Apex Legends

Call of Duty Mobile could be the best Battle Royale to be available on mobile devices — and that s a terribly big assertion if PUBG Mobile and Fortnite already have fixed places in the mobile area. And yet COD Mobile feels like the best I ve ever played.

And that could be that Call of Duty Mobile takes over a few keywords from my personal favorite game of Battle Royale, Apex Legends. Apex Legends certainly has no mobile version (at least not...), but its excellent motion and mobility options, combined with interesting cards, the ping system and the excellent gun play, make it easy for a wonderful Br. And Call of Duty Mobile has learned to the right places of Apex Legends.

Here are a few things that Call of Duty Mobile has taken over Apex Legends, and how it improves to combat the Royale experience.

Liven up

One of the big changes is the revision system and the fact that there is one at all. In the great games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile you will not revive the killed players, but in Apex Legends and Call of Duty Mobile everything is possible.

You can collect the dog mark of a player in COD Mobile and then revive them, similar to the banner system of Apex Legends.

It is a good system and promotes teamwork, assuming the players do not leave the game after being died.


Ping, and no, not the way you can move back and forth. The Ping System in Apex Legends allows the players to highlight equipment, enemies, places, and much more and to provide players with a rudimentary language without ever using the voice chat. It is actually brilliant.

And because it is so brilliant, Fortnite has implemented it quickly into his game, and Call of Duty Mobile has now followed.

The ability to suppose enemy sites and equipment is honestly a luck for Br-games and outstanding here.

Color coding

It s easy. Color your weapons and attachments with a color code to make a distance clear how good something is.

Fortnite and Apex Legends use this system in different ways. Call of Duty Mobile resembles the system used in Apex Legends.

In this way, you can easily identify and determine the desired devices, which can be helpful for team members.


Ah, now we deal with how the two games are different, and a big one are the vehicles.

To be fair, you have added a train in the last season of Apex Legends, which is incredibly exciting for fans. But there is nothing about the walking of a jeep with an attached weapon on his back.

To be fair, Apex Legends offers the type of mobility options that mean that the card never needs vehicles. However, Call of Duty Mobile needs crossing options that offer vehicles.


Apex Legends Mobile VS Call of Duty Mobile VS Pubg Mobile Which one is Best?

God, I wish. If you randomly separate yourself from a BR game in Call of Duty Mobile, you can start your team again when you restart the app. That s incredible and would always be welcome for every BR game.

Apex legends, however? Yes, no, such an option does not exist. You would probably not want to involve that if people resolve from a tense situation and return only one minute later.

For Call of Duty Mobile, with sometimes unreliable internet connections, it is welcome.

Mobile phone, mobile phone?

Oh, yeah. Apex Legends is not available for mobile phones. But Call of Duty Mobile is. Well, here is an obvious winner, and it is not Apex Legends.

But if you want to work on this Nintendo Switch version...