COD VANGUARD: With a simple trick you destroy one of the strongest killstreaks

MILLSTREAMS Reward strong player In call of Duty: Vanguard with even more kills — but you do not always have to let it like that. Because you can easily get one of the most annoying kill streaks from heaven.

Who does not know — a match in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Vanguard begins to make it really fun, the full-time sweater already played the strongest kill streaks?

Bombs, dogs, flame widths — suddenly the map is full of deadly war units and every false step means the course in the redrawn. But at least one of the strong kill streaks you can destroy easily — the bombardment.

Only a few shots destroy enemy bombers

How to prevent the bombardment? Do you get the announcement from the match speaker that it is a hostile bombardment in the approach, then look at the sky exactly.

Rotate in a circle and examines the sky in all 4 directions. The bombers are always exactly from the north, east, south or west at the level of the activating player — the directions recognize their compass.

Now you need a storm rifle and with a few shots you destroy the big plane:

Since the bombers do not direct their explosive freight, but just fly a little over the map, you have some time to do the plane.

Overall, we fly 3 bombers via the map and with some exercise you do all 3 enemy airlines. However, with every new bomber, the direction of home changes from which the planes come.

If you caught the 3 bombers in time, you can prevent even a bomb on the map will prevent.

Here is the most worthwhile: With the bombardment, you override the map with bombs in a straight line. The bigger the map, the smaller the chance to catch an opponent.

But especially on the small cards such as shipment or dome skin of the bomb carpet properly pure, and you should try to prevent the attack.

Enemy Kill streaks can transform a good match into an uncomfortable massacre. But if you reach the highest streets yourself and get the complete opposing team of bite dogs on the neck, you know again why these mechanics fits so well with Call of Duty.

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