Champions League: VfL Wolfsburg suffers tautness in the fight for the second round

After the first defeat under the direction of the new coach Florian Krefeld, the VFL Wolfsburg threatens the early in the Champions League.

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The Lower Saxony lost on Tuesday evening at FC Seville with 0: 2 (0: 1) and thus go as a table in the group G in the last match day on December 8th.

Joan Jordan already scored the leadership hit for the six-time European League Champion from Spain in the twelfth minute, Rama made me all clear in the detention time (90. + 7).

Despite the second defeat in the current competition, Wolfsburg still has the chance to reach the secondary finals. But in two weeks against leaders OSC Lille, but a victory must be a victory.

And in turn, a significant increase in performance is necessary. Because the onset of the football Bundesliga club in the Studio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán was a single disappointment.

Tactical changeover does not get VFL Wolfsburg at all

Seville will make a lot of pressure in the first 20 minutes and try to play us tired. We have to be awake and, however, Krefeld had said before the game at Amazon Prime Video. And in fact, the Spaniards ran verily and pushed the VFL into their own half.

Krefeld had aligned his team other than the last defensive with a four-chain. The resented Josh Guilavogui, most recently in the center of a threesome defensive chain, acted in the defensive midfield. But the changeover did not get the guests at all.

Already in the twelfth minute, the hosts went according to a voting error in the Wolfsburg behind team. The ex-Schalke Ivan Granitic served Jordan in the middle, where Ride Baku came too late, so the Spaniard was able to sign.

Davao Per van in the Wolfsburg Gate was open to the chance. The Austrian was standing for Captain Keen Castles between the posts because the Belgian had been positively tested for the Coronavirus and the journey to Andalusia had not even started with.

Wolves in Seville youthful

The VFL needed a while to recover from the early residue. It took until the 22nd minute before the Wolfs burgs were dangerous for the first time. Then Lukas Mecca gave himself a heart, his shot steered Seville's goalkeeper Bono but to the latte. Seville, however, remained playful and led to the break deserves.

Sevilla 2-0 VfL Wolfsburg | Florian Kohfeldt | Full Post Match Press Conference | Champions League

Even after the side change came from the Bundesliga sixth as well as nothing. Woodwork was completely logged out in the offensive, and Lukas Mecca could not sit in the first half apart from his slatted shot in the first half. The Lower Saxony made a lot of light ball losses and never dangerous the gate of the Spaniards.

Just because Seville did not use his chances and Per van was one, two times to the spot, it remained exciting until the end. Krefeld brought in Maximilian Philipp and Jodi Lukebakio fresh offensive workers. But even those were able to move anything from Wolfsburg view.