Call of Duty Vanguard, PLC Best Accessories, Loadout and Build

Call of Duty: Vanguard is a first-person shooting video clip game established by Sledgehammer Games and also distributed by Activision. It is the eighteenth title of the Call of Duty franchise business. It will be launched worldwide on November 5, 2021, at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/ S and Microsoft Windows. The campaign is established during the 2nd Globe War as well as focuses on a group of unique pressures composed of participants of allied nations.


If you want to carton with the PLC on Call of Duty Vanguard, here is our Loadout and Build of the best accessories. The goal being here to present our best Loadout and explain our choices. Thus, not only will you have an immediate solution to test, but in addition you can adapt it according to your desires, your needs and your style of play.

Note that these Loadouts are designed by Vanguard players, taking into account pro players, streamers as well as data available on Reddit. However, each player is different and that s why we recommend paying attention to the remarks in this guide.

We will update this build and add content if the game is changing depending on the patches.

The best build for the controller

The controller is a high-performance assault rifle on Call of Duty Vanguard. Indeed, we consider it as one of the best weapons of the game currently on Vanguard. Note that the idea here is to offer a rather versatile build that will use the forces of the PLC to dominate on code cards.

Bezel: slate deflector (optional according to map and preference) Mouth: BOOSTER Canon: Anastasia Precision Rifle Canon accessory: knife handle Charger: Chargers of 45 cartridges of 6.5 Sakura Type of ammunition: elongated Rear handle: grooved handle Lacrosse: Anastasia Padding Expertise: Password Kit: loaded to block

Weapon level for equipment

Our build requires a few things low in the levels, but it is possible (see the game on changes) to play properly with the first unlocked equipment. In addition, the weapon is one of the first to use, favoring the unlocking levels naturally.

Under what circumstances use this build?

In nature, the controller is a weapon to use on the majority of the game cards. Indeed, this weapon is efficient short range but especially to medium reach. If there is a risk of Full quite often and therefore to suffer from the mid-long distance, its precision and its burst make it a weapon to use everywhere. Note that our build promotes aggressive and fast gameplay.

What changes are possible?

Several changes can be done according to your desires and your style of play. For the glasses, we consider that the best choices are many glasses, not bringing a big zoom and so, do not slow down the use of the weapon. From then on, you can play without telescope or have something like the slate baffle or large pattern.

With regard to the cannon, the tank 5.5 is also a good choice, especially since it is the very first that you will use. If we prefer the Anastasia precision rifle once the weapon is well level, the two are quite close in terms of feeling. Therefore, if you have accustomed to the first barrel, it is possible to keep it.

In addition, the rough handle at the last level is also very strong, again everything depends on your gaming habits.

So much for our guide to the best accessories, Build and Loadout for the PLC on Call of Vanguard. You can find all our guides as well as all the news, Leaks and Patches for Cod on our Call of Duty portal.