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November has arrived: This means that the first Spekulatius and chocolate Santas can be found in supermarkets. The weather is getting worse and Christmas spirit comes so slowly.

Additional property November for Call of Duty. With few exceptions, Activision always leaves the shooter brand going to the masses during this period. Also in 2021, as those conditions remain. (Buy now € 64.99) Vanguard operatives take the series for the first time in four years to the time of World War II: Call of Duty.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard - 17 Things to Know About the New Zombies Mode

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As recently at CoD: World War 2, the development studio brings Sledgehammer Games the first-person shooter back into the greatest crisis in human history. After the last title of the series, Black Ops: Cold War, tempers had splitted, have made the developers task to let the franchise back to life.

In addition to a very dark and personal campaign were also brought in Vanguard namely again the multiplayer and zombies mode into shape.

Eight Trinity is Hallelujah

The story revolves around a four-team, including their leader Sergeant Arthur Kingsley. The Briton with African roots is the head of the special unit, are the figures in the action-packed, about six-hour campaign at the center.

Polina Petrova is awesome just called Lady Nightingale by the Germans. Source: PC Games During a mission in Hamburg in April 1945, Kingsley and the rest of the Quartet, consisting of the Soviet sniper Polina Petrova, the Austrailer Lucas Riggs and the American Wade Jackson, captured by the Director of the Gestapo and antagonists Hinrich Friesinger and taken to brought a Berlin prison.

While we must play our four heroes during the Second World War in flashbacks dramatic events, a cat-and-mouse game between interrogation of our special forces and some Jannick Richter develops behind bars. The assistant of Friesinger is played by none other than Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan.

In the course of the story our characters come to a secret project of the Nazis called the Phoenix on the ropes. More we do not want to reveal here, finally able to convince the campaign of Vanguard from the beginning and we want to anticipate anything.

True role models

Surprised Black Ops: Cold War still with modules and plot twists, this year it is the interesting written figures in the foreground. Although the campaign tells a fictional story, but our four playable characters are inspired by real historical soldiers.

Sidney Cornell, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Charles Upham and Vernon Mike Micheel to Sledgehammer Games snaps four war heroes of the Allies and converts them to video game characters around.

Nevertheless, it creates the game to remain authentic and never drifting off into the ridiculous or absurd. The story is generally kept very dark and personal. Thus we learn in hindsight missions as our characters to the people was that they are now in a Berlin prison cell.

Grim and deadly. In North Africa devastating battles took place during the Second World War. Source: PC Games We are fighting on all fronts of the Second World War and also real battles from the past, such as Midway or El Alamein, play a role. Our four main characters have rough edges, been through a lot and do not come across as super soldiers à la Captain Price from Modern Warfare. This strengthens their personalities and credibility.

however, our opponent act very differently. While we find the role of Jannick Richter extremely interesting, comes to us Friesinger like a super-Nazi villain ago, when the world wants to see just burn and would be exchanged for each 0815-character.

This is a shame, because the campaign by Vanguard would have deserved a better written, charismatic villain.

Nothing for weak nerves

If we re talking about the antagonist, we do not arrive at the general mood over. The Second World War was dirty and brutal. Exactly begins Sledgehammer Games with Vanguard a well. In the fighting body parts ever fly through the air, people are burned with flamethrowers and torture scenes suggests the game.

Our adversaries Hinrich Friesinger want the Second World War by using Project Phoenix but still decide in favor of the Germans. Source: PC Games Provoked controversy as in a number of predecessors but is not. That is right and important in order not to overshoot the target. The ubiquitous symbols with Nazi characters en masse just fine to uphold the immersion in Vanguard and capture the dark years of World War II.

copied from the best

To represent its time better, the gameplay has been slowed down the shooter. Weapons feel awkward and also reloading takes considerably longer. However, the weapon handling remains one of the great strengths of Call of Duty in Vanguard.

In some other places to Sledgahmmer has made against it inspired by other games. Some story sections are strongly reminiscent of titles like Uncharted and The Last of Us, but just from a first person perspective.

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