Call of Duty: Vanguard - Bug makes popular item useless

Bugs are not uncommon in games, but not always care for frustration as the insert sign in Call of Duty: Vanguard — that does not do that almost what it should do.

COD VANGUARD: insert sign is partially useless

VANGUARD: The 27 GAME CHANGING SETTINGS You NEED To Play With (Vanguard Console + PC Best Settings) Call of Duty: Vanguard has just recently appeared and leads you back to World War II with a brand-new campaign. In addition to the campaign you can also look forward to popular modes such as multiplayer and zombie, but how many new games does this also have some problems.

For example, some objects do not work, as they should and especially the failure of the insert shield is just viral.

Actually, this shield is supposed to act on his back as a barricade and protect you from arriving balls, but Obviously your opponents can easily throw through. So it is at least the case with the DP27, as can be seen in the video of Reddit user fpsdredd. So the shield as a secondary weapon is absolutely useless.

Certainly, this problem will be fixed in a future patch, but at least at the moment you should think well if and how to use the insert sign.

A crossover with the Anime Attack on Titan?

However, there are not only bugs that are worthwhile to report. According to the well-known Call of Duty Detainees Nagios, could there be a surprising Attack on Titan crossover.

That would not be the only event in the series. For War zone, the developer was already working with brands such as Die, Judge Dread, Rambo and others. The cult-anime Attack on Titan would therefore be unusual, for many but determines a successful variety.

The signs found the Datamyne in the memory statements of Call of Duty: Vanguard. There are to read the words Sword Titan and AOT TITAN. How could that look like? Maybe there will be a new operator or skins for armor and weapons. Maybe the big Titans also play a role.

According to Nagios, cooperation should be put into action in December, officially nothing is known yet. The information is pure speculation, so they do not take too seriously. We keep you up to date.

(Source: Twitter)

ICR have not played Vanguard yet? In the trailer you can make a first impression of the game:

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