Call of Duty Vanguard, Bar Best Accessories, Loadout and Build

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If you want to carton with the bar on Call of Duty Vanguard, here is our loadout and build better accessories. The goal being here to present our best Loadout and explain our choices. Thus, not only will you have an immediate solution to test, but in addition you can adapt it according to your desires, your needs and your style of play.

Note that these Loadouts are designed by Vanguard players, taking into account pro players, streamers as well as data available on Reddit. However, each player is different and that s why we recommend paying attention to the remarks in this guide.

We will update this build and add content if the game is changing depending on the patches.

The best build for the bar

The bar is a high-performance assault rifle on Call of Duty Vanguard. Indeed, we consider it as one of the best weapons of the game currently on Vanguard. Note that the idea here is to propose a pretty versatile build that will use the m1928 forces dominating on code cards.

Bezel: slate deflector (according to the map and preference) Mouth: G28 compensator Canon: GCG 30 XL Canon accessory: Carver handle Charger: Chargers of 20 cartridges of 0.50 BMG Type of ammunition: elongated Rear handle: pine pitch handle Lacrosse: Char WR Expertise: extreme target Kit: loaded to block

Weapon level for equipment

Our build requires some high levels, the weapon being a more little frustrating to use at the beginning. Thus, you will have to hang a little because the bar is clearly a weapon a little strange and less powerful than the low level STG. It will therefore be necessary to learn to use it and level the weapon before really being able to enjoy it.

Under what circumstances use this build?

Nature, the bar is a weapon to use on the big cards of the game. Indeed, this weapon is more efficient remotely. Thus, our build promotes a rather passive gameplay, favorable to the maps a little larger.

What changes are possible?

Several modifications can be made according to your desires and your style of play. For the glasses, we consider that the bar is close to a precision weapon, allowing Beam a remote player. From then on, you can play with the slate deflector or something bringing a greater zoom. Everything depends on if you intend to be mobile or not, the weapon is already very slow in sight.

VANGUARD: BETTER THAN THE STG! 2 SHOT BAR CLASS SETUP! (Vanguard Best Setup) For ammunition, if the version with 30 cartridges is interesting if you have trouble managing your ammunition, we prefer the mobility provided by the stock of 20 cartridges.

So much for our guide to the best accessories, Build and Loadout for the bar on Call of Vanguard. You can find all our guides as well as all the news, Leaks and Patches for Cod on our Call of Duty portal.