Call of Duty 2022: Shooter becomes very brutal and realistic according to Leak

Although Call of Duty Vanguard is not even on the market, there are already several rumors around the shooter episode of the next year. This is supposed to be a direct successor of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Meanwhile, there is another leak with interesting details. Accordingly, we can probably set ourselves on a very dirty Call of Duty.

Where does the leak come to Call of Duty 2022?

The most recent information comes from the Twitter user Ralphsvalve, which has already appeared several times by Leaks in the past. However, you should still enjoy the details with a certain caution, as your truth content has not been secured so far.

What does the leak say about Call of Duty 2022?

Particularly interesting are the information on the campaign of the next call-of-duty episode. Accordingly, there should be a moral system that reminds in the basic features to the Honor System of Red Dead Redemption 2. Your actions and decisions are therefore a certain impact on the further course of the story at certain points of the campaign.

Modern Warfare 2022 Was Leaked

Furthermore, from Leak emphasizes that a very realistic weapon system is probably planned for Call of Duty 2022. This can be done, among other things, that there can be a charging in charge during the battles. The ammunition lost in contemporary of the weapon is then on the ground, these can pick up separately.

Do you expect the most brutal Call of Duty?

In addition, in the leak, a very gloomy and brutal game happening is the speech. There should be several death animations that depend on where the opponent has been hit. Also of separated limbs and lot of blood is the speech. According to the Leak, this can even affect the behavior of the game character, which can ever become nervous in a particularly hectic situation.

All this has not been confirmed by Activision Blizzard or the Developer Studio Infinity Ward. Until it will give first handproof details to the next Call of Duty, many months will attract into the country.

Source: Twitter

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Call of Duty 2022 is intended to be very brutal and realistic to a Leak. (2) [Source: Activision / Infinity Ward]

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