Battlefield 2042 Trophies Leak: a lot of work and typical battlefield

Especially only the successes for Call of Duty Vanguard were known, as the leak reaches us with all trophies Battlefield 2042. The list was removed from the code to the game, is officially. In contrast to the competition, the shooter of EA and DICE is known to be completely without a campaign. So you can concentrate on the multiplayer - but you have to gamble all the game modes for the platinum for the platinum.

You can do that in the trophies hunt in Battlefield 2042

There are in total in Battlefield 2042 35 trophies. These divide into a platinum trophy, four gold trophies, ten silver trophies and 20 bronze trophies. The number is considered compared to some other AAA games.

These are probably the heaviest and elaborant trophies: Of course, you will be releasing a large part of the successes by simply playing and progressing. Only should not you focus on a game modes or play style with always the same specialist and the same equipment, but try all aspects of Battlefield 2042.

However, there are also some trophies that require specific actions. For example, that you start a plane with a rocket launcher while sailing with a parachute through the air. It seems really difficult to be of the tasks, but you should already schedule a lot of time.

All Vanguard trophies in the overview


Future Imperfect: Collect all other trophies


Luck of the Irish: Reaching Player Level 25 I m Five by Five, B: Earn a band III from each type Clean Exit: Successfully extract the Hazard Zone without a team member dying CQC Specialist: Lead 20 melee kills in a round


Making Dunn Proud: Achieve Player Level 15 Dead in Their Tracks: Scare a quad kill while you defend a goal Universal Soldier: Earn a T1 championship badge with any specialist Gun Master: Earn a T1 championship badge with any weapon Wheeled Warrior: deserve a T1 championship badge with any vehicle Jack of All Trades: Earn a T1 championship badge with any device or litter device Doze this: scorch 7 kills in an attempt with dozers sob-8 ballistic shield Deadshot: Lead 20 headshot kills in a round Good Company: Earn the first place as a team Showoff: outstanding performance reached


ADAPT AND OVERCOME: Achieve gambling stage 5 Command and Conquest: Conquer 100 goals in Conquest Escape Artist: extract 25 times successfully in the danger zone Pak Council: Successfully extract the Hazard Zone with 50 data drives The Winner Takes It All: Win 42 rounds in all game modes Aerial destroyer: destroy an aircraft with a rocket launcher in parachuting A bird? A tarpaulin?: Fly with the wingsuit on orbital from the Rocket Hangar to the Kryo plant Going places: Put in a round 1000 m with Mackays Grappling Hook B Gun s Dry: Causes 2500 damage in a round when defending goals with Boris sg-36 Sentry Gun Doctor Falck in The House: Heal 3000 damage points in a single round with Falcks S21 Syrette Pistol Happy Birthday: Order 15 equipment boxes with angel Squad Wiper: Kill 500 enemy soldiers while sitting in a vehicle War Machine: Kill 50 enemy soldiers while sitting in a vehicle Tool Time: Repair 1000 damage to vehicles in a round Wrecking Crew: Destroy 50 vehicles NO-ONE GETTS LEFT Behind: Bebebe 100 Team Colleagues Thank You, Santa: Versorge 50 Team Colleagues with Resources Foot Soldier: Lege 25 km back without using a vehicle

One Careful Owner: Lead a Roadkill with an airplane Burnout: Put 15 km with floor vehicles

Also the portal mode you have to play for platinum:

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Battlefield 2042 appears in a few days

Soon you can do to work and unlock trophies, or successes in Battlefield 2042. The shooter appears on 19 November 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Anyone who wants to get started earlier can do that thanks to a Early Access, who for people with an EA Play subscription, a Game Pass Ultimate subscription or a pre-order of the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042 from the 12th of November Ready is.

The memory size of Battlefield 2042 should be limited. At least on the PS5, because here is the scope under 43 GB - probably probably without day-one patch. Plant you with the platinum trophy for Battlefield 2042?