Telekom-Handytarif Mega: Flatrate and 18 GB now only 15,99 Euro

Deutsche Telekom AG (short form frequently Telekom or DT) is the umbrella company of Europe s largest telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn. In the list Forbes Global 2000 the world s largest listed companies, Deutsche Telekom has 69 (aspect: May 2020). The company came in March 2021 on a stock market value of approx. 78.2 billion euros. The Telekom operates substantially fixed (VDSL, DSL and FTTH) and mobile networks (5G, 4G, 3G (switched off in July 2021), 2G) . The services on this (u. Internet access, telephony, the in-house television offer MagentaTV, smart home and other data services), so that service services and other IT services sells them to private and business customers as well as resellers. The company is divided into 6 segments: Germany (Telekom Germany), Europe (10 countries), USA (T-Mobile US), T-Systems, Group Development (T-Mobile NL and Mobile Phone Towers) and GHS (Group Headquarters and Shared Services ). CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG has been Timothus Höttges since January 1, 2014, Chairman of the Supervisory Board has been Ulrich Lehner since spring 2008. The company emerged after the privatization of the German Federal Post from its area for telecommunications and telecommunications ( Gray Post ).

From Mobilcom-Debitel there is currently a strong mobile phone tariff in the network of Deutsche Telekom for a particularly reasonable price.

Now right to the tariff offer

So good is the price: Mobilcom-Debitel offers the tariff in the network of Deutsche Telekom with 18 GB LTE data volume and Allnet flatrate for telephony and SMS only until the 26th of October at 20 o clock for 15.99 euros in the Month instead of 36.99 euros. In addition, there are a unique 19.99 euros connection fee.

According to price comparison sites, this is the most favorable monthly basic price on the included conditions under comparable rates.

Deutsche Telekom's Q1 2021 investor conference call

For other providers, comparable offers start at least at least 30 euros. Usually, there are only significantly weaker tariffs in the Telefónica network in this price range on the offered conditions.

This offers the tariff: In addition to the 18 GB LTE data volume for up to 21.6 Mbps in the Telekom network, there is an Allnet telephony and SMS flatrate together with EU roaming for correspondingly unlimited use on two Years minimum contract term. Also with on board are Volte and WLAN Call.

However, the currently unbeatable favorable monthly price applies only for the first two years, while 36.99 euros are over again from the 25th month, which is why should be terminated in good time until three months before.

With addition: In fact, there is still a Perfect Plus Free Monat for each customer at the TV and VOD streaming provider

The offer can be terminated at the test period at any time and is otherwise extended for 9.99 euros a month, whereby it can then be terminated monthly.

Here s the offer:

Now to the tariff offer

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