Fight against Cod Cheater: Developers threaten hackers with hard consequences

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The games of the Call of Duty series have a big problem: Cheater. Even often, Activision tried in the background to proceed, but now the studio emphatically points out that now great measures will follow.

COD developer announces hard measures

In games like COD: Warzone are no rarity. That annoys not only the other players, but also the developer. Previous measures such as huge spanned waves were certainly not wrong, but unfortunately the great success remained.

On the official Call of Duty twitter account, the developer now published a cryptic message, which focuses mainly on the hackers :

Cheating spoils the fun for everyone. Nobody likes Cheater. Our goal is to provide an entertaining and fair gaming experience. For our developers. For our fans. And most importantly... for all call-of-duty players.

Cheaters are not welcome. We do not tolerate a cheater. And soon you will know what we mean, it says in the embassy.

Great anti-cheat measure planned

Call of Duty player Rush360 belonged to the most productive hackers. He was even so productive that he became part of an official Warzone anti-cheat advertising. Activision spent all its accounts in August 2021 and announced in the context of this at the end of the year more spanned waves and an anti-cheat project. This should grab at the end of this year.

Whether Activision said in the recent news? That s not safe. Now it is time to wait and we keep you up to date.

(Source: Call of Duty @ Twitter)

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