FC Bayern: Scared Kristina Bird criticizes Joshua Kimmich

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The cross-sectional polluted railway olympic champion Kristina bird considers the vaccination against the coronavirus as a commercial duty and wishes that all people also do so.

This said the 30-year-old Erfurter in an interview of the mirror and at the same time criticized the role of football international Joshua Kimmich in the IMPF debate.

First of all, I was scared because I was firmly assumed that he has long been vaccinated. Because 99 percent of the athletes I know are now vaccinated. I found Kimmich s commitment difficult because he has a model function as a footballer, said The double Olympic champion and eleven world champion, whose Kimmichy career, found a tragic end in the summer of 2018 with a heavy fall.

Old life only by vaccination

Kimmich had justified his attitude with concerns, what missing long-term studies are concerned. Now there may be young people who take his utterances uncritical and say: the Joshua does not do that, so I do not do that, too, Fears bird. She was convinced that we only get back through vaccination our old life, she added.

In the whole debate you come to the following too short: We make so much crap with our body: smoking, drinking, stuffing so much garbage in us pure, meat for one euro the kilo, I now consciously exaggerate. But as soon as it is about the Vaccination goes, there are suddenly many of your health. That is in no way.

Müller, Lewandowski and Kimmich attempt to

However, she explained, Kimmich had proven courage. It is often criticized that we have only so tapped athletes who never show edges, no opinions are represented. He does not count. He would have just better choosed another topic, because of this, human lives and existences are hanging, said bird, who started studying at the coach academy in Cologne in the beginning of the week.