DC Comics: The new Superman is bisexual

Superman is an American comic superhero belonging to the imaginary world of the DC universe. This character is considered an American cultural icon,,. Created in January 1933 by the American Screenwriter Jerry Siegel and the Canadian designer Joe Shuster as they both lived in Cleveland, the character was sold at Detective Comics. It appears for the first time in a comics action in June 1938. The character is then taken up in several radio pieces, TV shows, movies, comic strips and video games. In view of the success and notoriety of its adventures, Superman is essential in creating a specific genre for superheroes. The appearance of the character is particularly iconic: a suit composed of a red, blue and yellow leotard, tights and tight boots, a belt, with a cape and to the torso, the drawing of a s red on a yellow hoop,,. This ECU is now very often used to symbolize the character. The legal property of the character has been subject to many controversies. Siegel and Shuster have twice brought a trial to recover the rights. Superman popularized the archetype of superheroes and defined its conventions, although it is not the first superhero character. Superheroes are generally deemed depending on their resemblance to the standard established by Superman. There remains the most selling comics superhero of all times; And his franchise is one of the most lucrative even outside comics.

LGBTQ Representation in Comics usually leaves something to be desired, but in 2021 DC goes a few steps in the right direction. For example, about two months ago, DC Comics announced that Tim Drake, one of the various Robins, gets a friend. More specifically, this happened in the DC Anthology Comic Batman: Urban Legends 6. Here Batmans saves a faithful Sidekick one of his male friends in front of a villain and accepted a little later an invitation to a date.

The page Ign was now allowed to introduce another character whose sexuality is not just the well-known heterosexual. The speech is of Superman, or better said by Superman s son. Clark Kent continues to be happy with Lois Lane and her shared child, Jon Kent, grows slowly into the role of the Superman. In Superman: Son of Kal-El 5, the 17-year-old Jon will respond to a relationship with Jay Nakamura. This is a hacktival and the biggest fan of Jon s mother Lois. The two have already worked together in the past, but if they share their first kiss in the new comic, their relationship will definitely be lifted to a new level.

In an interview with IGN, the author Tom Taylor told a little about this new Superman:

Over the years in this industry, you will probably not be surprised to hear that Queer-Characters and action strands were rejected. Every time that happened, I felt like I would let people abandon who I loved. But today we are at a completely different and much welcome place than ten or even five years ago. When I was asked if I wanted to write a new Superman for the DC universe, I knew that Clark knew with another heterosexual white rescuer Replace would be a missed chance. I always said that every hero needs and everyone deserves to see himself in his heroes. Today Superman, the strongest superhero on the planet, his coming-out.

It is something very special without any question when an iconic figure like Superman celebrates its coming out. This could make a whole generation of LGBTQ people feel safer in their identity, which is a pretty good thing. Especially with a figure like Jon Kent, this is a huge step in the right direction, as the Artist John Timms aptly formulated:

It s a pretty big deal to do this with Jon Kent as Superman. Since we saw Jon before our eyes, it will be interesting to see how he is not just trying to herself as a person, but also as a global superhero to find in the complex atmosphere of modern life.

Furthermore, Timms hopes that something in the future is not considered a big deal. In other words, in the future, a LQBTQ superhero will hopefully not be a article like this here, as it is something completely normal.

If you talk about LGBTQ representation in DC Comics, Harley Quinn must definitely be mentioned. As maybe the coincidence wants, both Taylor and Timms worked to Harley Quinn and before this new announcement Quinn was probably the most famous LQBTQ character from the DC Universe.

Harley is a very different character as... any other character in comics, explains Taylor. Jon and Jay are very different people. What I m said is that Harley was the first character I was able to write as openly bisexually. Through our own universe of Injustice we could tell stories and show relationships so elsewhere not shown. And I had the honor to write the wedding of Harley and Poison Ivy last year in Injustice: Year Zero.

The entire interview with some exciting information about the new Superman can be found on the page of IGN. If you prefer to read the comic yourself, then you have to wait until November 9th if Superman is published: Son of Kal-El 5 is released.

From Daniel Link author 11.10.2021 at 19:02