Conspiranic Theories, Hackers and Children Playing with Aluminum Foil Hats: Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite begin to annourn

As free online competitive games, Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite have made many hackers begin to abuse their proposals and honored players.

The proliferation of Cheats has made the community one to try to identify those cheating. Therefore, subnetdit forums have begun to serve as tools to try to stop the feet to hackers.

However, climbing obsession has led many users to start publishing theories of conspiracy about hackers that has led the trolls to act.

The situation is surreal, since some players have seen their chance to start hesitation to the youngest and ingenuous suggesting that it is equip an aluminum foil hat to combat hackers.

A photo published by a father who has been hanging on Reddit showed how the shoot of him was already carrying one of these hats.

Mocks, criticisms and even support samples have rained about the publication . It seems to be inspired by the words of a YouTuber of the Warzone community:

A my son loves the subject of Badboybeman aluminum foil hat. We do not like Streamer s cheats in Cod and Fortnite.

We recognize that the escalation of surrealism who are living games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone regarding hackers did not see it coming, although it does not surprise the world either with perspective.

Meanwhile, events and news are still arriving at the Activision Shooter. Maybe they put an operator with a silver paper hat?

Until then, here we leave you our guide for the Halloween event in Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War and how to get the Scream Ghostface operator at Battle Royale.