Call of Duty Vanguard: memory size much smaller than the predecessors

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The release of Call of Duty Vanguard seam: The next part of the popular COD series will be published on 5 November. Anyone who wants to go into the battles in the battles can ever spare some hard disk space. However, as much storage space as previous Call of Duty games Vanguard should not devour. How to communicate the developers via the Call of Duty profile on Twitter, the installation size of Vanguard to the launch is much smaller than the predecessors.

The storage space savings can be reduced to a new streaming technology that loads textures on call into the game. This should be the storage space savings between 30 and 50 percent - both on PC and Next-Gen consoles. For PS4 and Xbox ONE, this does not apply, here Vanguard should take more space.

How big Call of Duty Vanguard (Buy Now 74.99 €) finally fails to release, the developers have not been communicated so far. In the and PlayStation Store is currently missing information about the required space. The product page for the Xbox version in the Microsoft Store calls 92.5 gigabytes as a hard disk space, which is likely to be a realistic value for the launch version.

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With later updates and Seasons, however, the necessary space is likely to continue to grow. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold was, Modern Warfare and Warzone needed in the meantime sometimes more than 200 gigabytes. After all, individual unnecessary modes could be uninstalled later on request to freeze a little more storage space. That this feature is also on board at Vanguard is likely.

From David Martin editor 27.10.2021 at 10:15