Call of Duty Vanguard invites war photographers to portray their world for beneficial purposes

There is less left to throw the glove to Call of Duty Vanguard . The Belic Shooter set in the Second World War will bring the battle to consoles and computers in just two weeks and, in its emphasis on creating a photorealistic world, Activision is carrying out initiatives more than curious.

One of them is the one who has just announced in a press release, where they invite war photographers to enter the game of Sledgehammer Games and portray their world. This initiative consists that Real photojournalists take captures that will finally end up selling beneficial purposes.

Activision boasts the use of photogrammetry in locations and objects is the case of Alex Potter and Sebastiano taken piccolmini , two professionals with extensive experience in regions in conflict, including numerous contests in the Middle East. Both have been encouraged to experiment with the engine of the game for an exclusive photo session at the Activision offices, which boasts the use of photogrammetry in locations and objects.

In collaboration with the non-profit organization of the Saga, Call of Duty Endowment , the works have been put on sale through Bleecker Trading. For each photo sold, the organization will help a veteran in order to get a quality job.

Call of Duty Vanguard opens on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S The next November 5 . The title of Sledgehammer wants to offer a faithful portrait and a certain historical rigor in his bet, and initiatives as this message reinforce. However, if we are interested in your online component, the most common and carefree modalities of the franchise will not be lacking, as the zombie mode that has already been presented.