Call of Duty Vanguard for PS5: Details of the DualSense

Call of Duty Vanguard is immediately prior to publication and will conquer worldwide trade in the coming week - among others for the PS5. Sony s latest console takes a special role in the feature support. Because the dualSense controller offers a few special possibilities that have been slightly reflected in a new post on the official PlayStation Blog.

Deduction weight is simulated

First of all, it makes the impression that Sledgehammer Games has tried to use the functions of the adaptive triggers of the dualSense controller so that they work well for each player: Our goal in Call of Duty Vanguard was to simulate the deduction weight of real weapons And to give the player the opportunity to find a deduction weight that works for you in the game.

The shot is triggered as soon as a specific point is reached. Subsequently, a kind of final operation takes place, which is the distance that the trigger decreases after triggering. Then it comes to the trigger reset , whereby the automatic firing stops and the tripping point is reset.

In the trigger phase, the feedback in the adaptive triggers of the dualSense controller should be used differently. Thus, according to Sledgehammer Games, the players receive a feeling for the deductible weight, which fails differently for different weapons.

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For example, in a 1911 page weapon, it feels a moderate tension when it reaches the tripping point, but not the weight of a M1 Marksman Garand rifle, said developers. Even with the search trigger, the different types of weapons are noticeable. Heavy weapons therefore feel hard to feel, lighter weapons have felt easier and faster handling.

Haptic feedback

During your time on the virtual fronts of the Second World War, you will not only experience the explosive camera elements in Call of Duty Vanguard visually and acoustically, but also haptic.

Accordingly, when a hostile fire passes through your trench, you should feel the effects of the impacts and the rubble around you. The same applies if you bombard the German Air Force while fighting in Stalingrad. With the dualsense of the PS5 in hand, you feel the heavy explosions, which should further strengthen the chaotic moments.

A pair of video capsule to the described effects of the dualSense controller will find your on the official PlayStation Blog .

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Call of Duty Vanguard appears on 5 November 2021 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Further messages on the action-packed Activision shooter can be found in advance in our topic overview .

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